Pasture Pork  

2020 marked the return of pigs to Howpark Farms. Pigs were part of the original compliment of animals raised on Howpark Farms in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. At Howpark Farms we are constantly looking for and learning new ways to help regenerate soils and the ecosystem. By integrating new livestock on the farm and managing them responsibly our goal is to increase nutrients in the soil which will in turn provide healthier pork. 

We have a few sows that have piglets each spring on Howpark Farms! As with our cattle we wanted to raise the pigs in an environment that would allow them to grow healthily and ethically. The group of oak trees located in a pasture just south of our yard provides a perfect starter pasture. It gives the pigs plenty of grass, small shrubs and acorns to eat, along with shelter from the elements. We then move the pigs to larger pastures to keep up with how much they eat. In order to minimize impact on the land the pigs are moved weekly to a new paddock where they can root, eat and wallow. 

In addition to the grass and acorns found underneath the oak trees, the pigs are supplemented with organic grains from Howpark Farms and other local producers to keep up with their appetites. 

Our pork products will be ready starting in October each year.

What goes into our pork?


  • Locally purchased weanlings 
  • Pasture raised on organic land
  • Fed organic grain from our farm and local producers
  • No use of growth hormones or antibiotics
  • Butchered at a local government inspected facility