How to place an order:

To place an order simply click on the package you are interested in below to add it to your shopping cart. You will be prompted to make an account so we can contact you when your order is ready. Pre-Order is required for any bulk packages as our supply is limited & orders are taken on a first come first serve basis. Beef delivery is dependent on when the next full order is ready. Pasture Chickens are available in July and September each year and can be pre-ordered beginning in March. Pasture Pork is available in April and October and can be pre-ordered at any time. 

For bulk orders we will contact you once your order is placed so you can tell us how you would like it cut and packaged, and if there are any special items you are interested in. Special cut selection requests outside of regular available cuts may incur extra charges. Most of our customers buy their beef and/or pork in a single bulk order as this is the more economical choice! Contact us directly for special requests for bulk orders of specific cuts. These orders are subject to availability and pricing for these will be determined based upon request.

If you have any questions send us an email or give us a call!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why are package sizes approximate?

Weights of cuts & carcasses will vary and bulk orders are approximate. For variety packages we do our best to come to as close to the package size as possible.

2. How much beef will I get in a bulk beef order?

You will receive about 60-65% of carcass weight in actual beef. Depending on the carcass weight of the butchered animal, 1/4 (a shared half) of beef will provide approximately 100 lb of finished beef products,  a half order around 200 lb of actual beef and a whole order around 400 lb of actual beef(depending on the cuts requested and desired).  A quarter (shared 1/2) order takes about 3 cubic feet of freezer space.

3. Which cuts are available in a bulk beef order?

Cuts available include a mixture of steak, roasts, stewing meat, ground beef, soup bones & oxtail for soup and marrow bones to make nourishing beef broth as well as a share of any & all organ meats. Within that there is some flexibility of how you want it cut, keeping in mind that the breakdown of proportions are fairly predictable:

  • Ground Beef  21.6 %
  • T-bone Steak  5.4 %
  • Sirloin Steak 5.3 %
  • Round Steak (*can be roasts)  7.8%
  • Rib Steak  4.3%
  • Roasts (assorted)  23.6 %
  • Stewing meat  3.6 %
  • Soup bones & misc.  7.1 %
  • Fat Trim & Waste  21.3%

4. Why is there a price difference between the Beef Packages & the Bulk Beef orders?

Variety, Grill & Sample packages come with select cuts of beef & reflect our retail cost of the cuts & the actual number of pounds of beef you receive for your freezer. The bulk price is our wholesale cost based on the hot hanging carcass weight of the beef, so the weight of the carcass is multiplied by the price before it is cut up and packaged into the select cuts. The actual weight of beef received in a bulk order will be minus bone, fat, trim and moisture loss from aging.

5. Can I purchase individual cuts of beef or pork?

We prefer to sell our beef in bulk or variety packages, but we do sometimes have individual cuts for sale or larger bulk orders of Ground beef and bones available. Contact us directly to for more information.