Pasture Chickens

We have been raising chickens for a number of years on Howpark Farms. Originally starting with a small quantity of chickens for our family we have increased the number over the years to provide quality local poultry to Manitoba consumers.

We purchase our chickens in April and June every year and they grow from chicks for 3-5 weeks in heated rooms in our barn where they are provided with fresh water and unmedicated chick starter. Raising them in the barn initially provides warmth and security, then the chickens are moved outside when they are big enough to thrive in the pasture.

 Moveable metal pens were constructed that provide the chickens with shelter and security but also allow them to be outside on pasture. The chickens are moved generally every two days outside which gives them enough time to chew down the grass, eat the various bugs and provide a layer of fertilizer on the soil.  Moving them into new grass also keeps the chickens cool and healthier, as they are not confined to a single spot for their entire life cycle. The chickens are also supplemented with grain to help them grow. Once in the moveable pens they are fed a mix of organic grains all produced on Howpark Farms.

Our pasture chicken products are ready in July and September each year. We sell whole chickens as well as chicken pieces – breast, thighs, drumsticks, wings and ground chicken.

What goes into our chickens?

  • Locally purchased
  • Pasture raised on organic land
  • Fed organic grain from our farm
  • No use of growth hormones or antibiotics
  • Butchered locally