Our Farm

Nestled on the eastern edge of the Brandon Hills, Howpark Farms has been in the family since 1879. That’s a really long time in terms of farming in this part of the world. At the end of our lane is a sign acknowledging our status as a Heritage/Century Farm

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Our Grain

On Howpark Farms we grow a variety of organic grains as part of our crop rotation.  Wheat, flax, rye and oats are the primary crops that we grow organically. All of our organic grain is marketed off the farm in semi-load lots. We sell to buyers in Manitoba and beyond and are involved in several research projects!

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Our Beef

Our herd of grass-fed, organically raised cattle grows up in our pastures and farmyard at the foot of the scenic Brandon Hills in the heart of the Canadian prairies. Our own breeding program and complete control over their diet considers every aspect of what makes ethically-raised, certified grass-fed organic beef that is both healthful and delicious and also considers the impact on the earth.

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